Outlook is getting add-ins on iOS and Android

It’s been two years since Microsoft introduced the new Outlook experience on mobile devices. Today, the company is celebrating the 2nd anniversary of Outlook mobile with a major new feature: add-ins.

The company is teaming up with a couple of other companies, including Evernote, Trello, and Giphy to introduce some really neat experiences to Outlook on your smartphone. These new add-ons from Microsoft and its partners will allow you to get things done quickly, as you’ll have access to some of the world’s best productivity tools right from the Outlook app on your smartphone.

Evernote, GIPHY, Nimble, Trello and Smartsheet are the first set of add-ins on Outlook Mobile

For example, Trello’s add-in for Outlook will let you add an email as a card right to your Trello account. There’s also an Evernote add-on that will let you clip the email to a project in your Evernote account. I personally really like the idea of the Microsoft Translator add-on which, as you may have already guessed, lets you translate emails written in another language to English (or vice-versa) right from the Outlook app which is really, really neat.

For its power users, Microsoft is also launching a couple of add-ons on Outlook mobile. There are add-ons for CRMs such as Microsoft’s own Dynamics 365, as well as Nimble which will allow you to get data about your contacts or customers right from the add-on within the Outlook mobile app. Smartsheet is also launching an add-on for Outlook Mobile, which will make managing and automating your work much easier.

Oh, there’s a Giphy add-in that will let you add GIFs to your email. Using the Giphy add-on, you can search for GIFs that you want to send, or you can simply choose from some of the featured GIFs.

Outlook on Windows 10 gets neglected yet again

Microsoft will, of course, allow third-party developers to build add-ons for Outlook Mobile, and you can know more about that here if you’re a developer. The company is initially launching support for Outlook mobile add-ins on iOS, but it’ll be available on Android soon. In case you are wondering, Outlook add-ins are already available on Windows, Mac, and Web. As per usual, it isn’t clear if Microsoft plans to bring support for Outlook add-ins to the Windows 10 app which, to be honest, is quite unfortunate.