Microsoft Outlook for Android will now suggest replies to help you write emails faster

by Rahul
July 24, 2019

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Microsoft has pushed an update to Outlook app for Android. The new update brings an important new feature, bug fixes, and performance improvements.

Once the new update is installed, Microsoft Outlook will suggest replies, thereby helping you auto-finish sentences really quickly. The feature is quite similar to Gmail’s Smart Compose feature, where it suggests various relevant keywords to help users write emails faster. Note, these suggestions will be based on your writing style.

Note, the functionality of the feature is limited, meaning that it won’t work for all emails. Also, you don’t have┬áthe option to turn the suggestion feature off.

Otherwise, the update takes the Outlook app to version 3.0.107. You can read the official changelog below. Below is the official changelog.


  • Give those tired thumbs a rest! You can tap a suggestion to jump-start your reply for some emails. Don’t worry, you’ll have the chance to edit your response before it’s sent.
  • All of our weekly updates also include performance improvements and bug fixes to make Outlook better for you.

You can download Microsoft Outlook app for your Android smartphone from the below link.

Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft Outlook
Price: Free

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