Outlook crashes when clicking links that aren’t HTTP? Microsoft just fixed it for you

August 29, 2023

Microsoft has finally fixed a bug in Outlook that caused the application to close unexpectedly when clicking on non-HTTP links. The bug has been present in Outlook for several months, and it has been a major annoyance for users. 

In the recent version of its Office 365 productivity suite, version 2308, Microsoft brought up a few nice improvements here and there. Besides revamping the autocomplete feature in the Data Validation dropdown in Excel, the Redmond-based tech giant also revved up its security and more.

The main focus of this release is also on bug fixes. Besides Outlook crashing when clicking non-HTTP links, Microsoft also addressed an error that users were encountering while attempting to override a Policy Tip detection or report it as a false positive. 

Sometimes, the bug that caused Outlook to crash when clicking on non-HTTP links was caused by a problem with the way Outlook handles links that are not stored on the Internet. When a user clicks on a non-HTTP link, Outlook tries to open the link in a web browser, but for whatever reason it fails. 

Additionally, issues that led to Outlook unexpectedly exiting during a search with the “All Mailboxes” scope and one where shared-in calendars were displaying incorrect workdays have also been resolved.

Microsoft 365 version 2308 is available now for users in the Stable channel. Read the full documentation here.

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