Oscar winning writer Taika Waititi says MacBook keyboards are worse


10, 2020

Oscars is usually one star-studded event where you don’t expect people to talk about technology and how it’s impacting them in their personal and professional life. However, this year’s event saw Oscar-winning writer Taika Waititi complain about something that no one likes.

At the event, Taika Waititi was asked what writers should talk about at the next round of talks with producers, to which he complained about the MacBook keyboards and how they are worse than PC. Taika Waititi said, “Apple needs to fix those keyboards. They are impossible to write on. They’ve gotten worse. It makes me want to go back to PCs”. He also noted that the “bounce back is way better [on PC]” and keyboard on new MacBooks or iMac are the worst. He even went on to say that he has got shoulder problems because of the squeezed design of the keyboard that ruins the posture of the person using the device.

It’s not clear if he was talking about the old MacBook keyboards or the one on the new 16-inch MacBook. Apple accepted that the keyboard on the recent MacBooks was bad and the company went back on the old design for the 16-inch MacBook Pro.

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