The original Xbox ‘Duke’ controller may make its way to Xbox One


Before one of Microsoft’s greatest consoles came to be in the form of the Xbox 360, the software giant dipped its toes in the gaming console pool with the original Xbox, the OG Xbox, the Darth Vader of Xbox (Darth Xbox). And other than the insanely large profile of the gaming system itself (it was the size of a standard VCR in that day, a pre-DVD… err Bluray player for all you millineals), the original Xbox controller was rather huge as well, requiring two hands to operate at all times. The controller was so huge in fact, that gamers took to calling it “Duke”.

Well “Duke” may soon make it into the hands of current gen Xbox One owners, with the controller, or at least a current version of it, teased by original Xbox architect Seamus Blackley.

Blackley, who no longer works for Microsoft, mentioned that he may actually work current Xbox boss Phil Spencer to introduce an Xbox One compatible Duke controller. This is not the first time that Blackley has suggested the idea, initially mentioning it in October.

Though it was inconvenient for most, some gamers actually liked the ergonomics of the “Duke”, as well as the six button placement. So far, no other information has been released on if/when this controller will come to market.

What say our readers? Would you like the chance to use “Duke” on your new Xbox One?

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