OpenAI wants Microsoft to back its human-like “superintelligence” project with more funds

November 13, 2023

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OpenAI boss Sam Altman has reportedly told Microsoft that his AI company is seeking more financial backing to develop a ‘superintelligence’ tool, as told to Financial Times.

He also emphasized the development of artificial general intelligence (AGI) and its safe and beneficial implementation, mentioning his ongoing research on building superintelligence and the computational power required for such an endeavor.

Not too long ago, the Microsoft-backed company also secured a $10 billion investment from the Redmond-based tech giant, which later extended the partnership to exclusive cloud provider and new AI-powered experiences.

The visionary also envisions AGI as the next pivotal step in his company’s remarkable growth trajectory. He said that OpenAI’s diverse offerings, including research labs, APIs, partnerships, and products like ChatGPT and the GPT Store, all serve as conduits to their ultimate goal of creating “intelligence, magic intelligence in the sky.”

“We’re trying to get better at it because I think it’s important from a safety perspective to predict the capabilities. But I can’t tell you here’s exactly what it’s going to do that GPT-4 didn’t,” said the AI boss when teasing about what social media has been calling an upcoming “GPT-5” model.

OpenAI’s competitor, Google, is also moving to invest a big chunk of money in a fast-growing company, Character.AI, as Reuters was previously told. The startup has previously partnered with the search engine giant and used its cloud service to train models.

The AI race is just heating up and we’re watching as everything’s unfolding. Not too long ago, OpenAI announced a brand-new GPT-4 Turbo model that supports 128K tokens and launched its Data Partnership program.

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