In an effort to boost cybersecurity, OnePlus has launched a new bug bounty program named OnePlus Security Response Center (OneSRC). OnePlus wants security professionals across the world to participate in the bug bounty program and discover and report on potential threats to OnePlus’ systems.

If you get success in discovering a potential threat in the OnePlus’ system, you’ll get rewards that can range from $50 to $7,000, depending on the potential impact of the threat. As reported by GSMArena, the rewards are divided into five tiers:

  • Special cases: up to $7,000
  • Critical: $750 to $1,500
  • High: $250 to $750
  • Medium: $100 to $250
  • Low: $50 to $100

OnePlus has also partnered with a renowned hacker-powered security platform, HackerOne, which will enable the company to gain insight from top security researchers, academic scholars, and independent experts. The collaboration with HackerOne will start as a pilot program and is expected to go live in 2020.

You’ll have to report potential threats to the official OnePlus website, or you can report on the OnePlus Community forums. If you’re a security expert and want to participate in the OneSRC bug bounty program, you should check out the terms of the full program and a standardized form for reporting security issues here.

Source: OnePlus