The year 2020 has so far been quite exciting for OnePlus as it managed to expand its product portfolio by its first-ever smart television, truly wireless earbuds, and a wireless charging pad. And it looks like the rest of 2020 will also see OnePlus adding another item to its product portfolio.

OnePlus Watch with model number W301GB has passed the IMDA certification, hinting that the company is quite close to launching its first-ever smartwatch. While it’s quite obvious for OnePlus to launch a smartwatch alongside truly wireless earbuds, wireless charging pads in order to create a robust ecosystem, the rumors of an OnePlus smartwatch first dropped in 2016. Some reports also said that the Shenzhe-based company will unveil its smartwatch at the OnePlus 8 launch event, which, of course, turned out to be false.

Now, with the OnePlus Watch receiving the IMDA certification, the company finally seems ready to launch its first-ever smartwatch. Unfortunately, though, the IMDA certification website gave us no details about the specifications of the smartwatch, nor do we know anything about the price.

OnePlus’ sister company OPPO recently launched its first-ever smartwatch and much like how the prices of the flagship smartphones of these two companies are similar, the price of the OnePlus Watch might resemble that of the OPPO Watch.

via 91mobiles; Image: Techdroider