Rumors of OnePlus working on a smartwatch have been doing the rounds since 2016, but it’s only recently that the company formally talked about its upcoming smartwatch. This, obviously, gave birth to a lot of speculation and led to people thinking that the company is going to release the smartwatch along with OnePlus Nord N10 and N100. As we all know, that didn’t turn out to be true. What’s even worse is that the OnePlus Watch might not launch anytime soon either.

According to sources close to tipster Max J., OnePlus has postponed the launch of the OnePlus Watch. Worse, the sources didn’t give us a new date, leaving us in the dark as to when the smartwatch will hit the market. We don’t know the reason behind the postponement of the smartwatch either. But according to the tipster, the reason behind that delay could be “some complications with the production or software development.”

OnePlus Watch will have a circular design like the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active and unlike the Apple Watch, which features a square design. Meanwhile, OnePlus’ sister company OPPO also released a smartwatch earlier this year, but since it has a square design, these two will look different from each other, unlike OPPO Find X2 and OnePlus 8 Pr0, both of which look very similar to each other. Unfortunately, besides the design, we don’t know much about what’s insider the smartwatch.

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