OnePlus might add the ‘Always on Display’ feature in OxygenOS 11

by Rahul
July 31, 2020

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Back in March this year, OnePlus asked its community members for their inputs to better the OxygenOS. The company later announced that most of its community members wanted it to add the ‘Always on Display’ feature to OxygenOS and that it’d add the feature to its roadmap. Though, the company didn’t give us any details as to when the feature will be added to OxygenOS.

But now, it looks like we have some knowledge about the arrival of the feature. On his Twitter handle, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau recently teased the ‘Always on Display,’ and people are considering the CEO’s cryptic tweet a hint that OnePlus will add the most requested feature to OxygenOS 11. Though, it’s still not clear if the ‘Always on Display’ feature will be available to all OnePlus devices running OxygenOS 11.

Other new features that might come to OxygenOS 11 are fingerprint lock for hidden pictures in Gallery, folders within the app drawer, new features for Zen Mode, sound notifications when the battery is fully charged. However, these four new features are not yet officially confirmed for OxygenOS 11.

Android 11 is expected to arrive in the month of September, meaning we can expect OxygenOS 11 to be available around October-November, which in turn means that, if we’re correctly interpreting the CEO’s tweet, the ‘Always on Display’ will be available for the general public in the month of October or November.

If you’re an OnePlus user., how important is the ‘Always on Display’ feature for you? Let us know in the comments below.

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