OnePlus 10 may not be very different from OnePlus 9 series in terms of design



OnePlus is reportedly readying the OnePlus 9 RT for a launch in October, and while it’s not entirely clear as to whether it’ll be a premium or an affordable flagship phone, we now have some details about the upcoming premium OnePlus 10 series that will debut in 2022, courtesy of famous Indian tipster Yogesh Brar.

According to the tipster, the OnePlus 10 will be very similar to the OnePlus 9 series in terms of design. “So OnePlus is working on series 10 phones which are being pitched as polished series 9 models,” the tipster wrote on Twitter. However, he didn’t say anything about the specs of the upcoming OnePlus 10 series, leaving us in the dark about the chipset, RAM, and other key pieces of hardware.

The tipster has shared another important piece of information on Twitter. According to his tweet, OnePlus will announce “some new accessories at the next launch.” However, the tweet has no mention of the exact date of the OnePlus’ next launch event. We don’t have any clarity over what accessories OnePlus is planning to launch in the upcoming event, either.

We’ll know more about these accessories and the OnePlus 10 smartphone as we come closer to the launch date. Rest assured, we’ll apprise you of all the latest leaks about these devices as and when they surface on the internet.

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