OneNote now supports cool Wakelet embeds


24, 2019

Wakelet is a cool service which allows you to create collection of web links, a bit like creating a scrapbook, and then organize and present them beautifully.

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Microsoft has now worked with the company to support embedding Wakelet collections into OneNote pages, creating a live embed on the OneNote page.


Microsoft said it took only a week for the OneNote team and the Wakelet team to develop the embed solution, writing:

The OneNote and Wakelet teams connected via Twitter DM, exchanged emails, and made introductions across our engineering teams.  The Wakelet team added Oembed API support within a day, and then OneNote engineers got the Wakelet Oembed working within another day.  After some testing and a little coordination, the integration is now live!

Wakelets seems to be a better Pinterest which deserves more attention. Read more about their service here.

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