OneNote for Android update now allows you to use the app without signing-in


15, 2016


OneNote for Android just got updated to v15.1.6821.4825 with new features. It now allows users use OneNote application without signing-in. This will encourage new users to try the app without having to signup for Microsoft Account.

What’s New:

1. We have enabled feature to use OneNote application without signing-in. This is targeted for users new to OneNote who would like to try the application and sign-in later. In case you want to experience this feature, you can try uninstall and install OneNote if you are not using “word, excel, PowerPoint or OneDrive”.
2. Enabled sign-out feature (available under settings -> account page)
3. Fixed a few miscellaneous issues reported and crashes observed in previous build.

Update it here from OneNote.

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