OneNote Class Notebook add-in update adds sticker customization, grade scales and more

Microsoft yesterday announced a new update for the Class Notebook add-in for OneNote desktop with several new features. Read about them below.

OneNote Class Notebook now supports different grade scale, depending on the LMS or SIS being used. The first two partners that support grades scales are Canvas and Skooler. Many LMS and SIS have richer grade scales—such as custom points, letter grades, pass/fail, percentages—and teachers want to be able to have more flexibility in the assignments they create.

OneNote team also highlighted that Skooler is now supported by the Class Notebook add-in family for assignment and grade support.

Last month, Microsoft announced the support for stickers in OneNote Online and Windows 10. Microsoft yesterday announced that the Class Notebook add-in for OneNote 2013 and OneNote 2016 for the desktop includes stickers, including the ability to customize them.