OneDrive for Android snags new improvements

OneDrive for Android

Microsoft has released a fairly minor update for OneDrive on Android. The latest update for the OneDrive app brings some improvements to the Sort feature which now makes it much easier to sort files in the Files view on the app.  In addition to this, Microsoft has also added some new visuals to the app to make the app’s experience slightly better.

  • Ever feel like your files are all mixed up? Want to untangle and sort through your most important things easily? We made it easier than ever to sort and parse through your stuff in the Files view.
  • We’ve been working out some new paintbrushes and pencils! Check out some of the new visuals to help make you more productive. Shake to send us feedback and let us know how we did!

If you use an Android phone, you can go ahead and give all of these improvements a try by downloading the update from here.

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