Official change log confirm new Nokia Lumia firmware fix 800 battery life, 710 “end call” bug



imageAn Nokia rep has shared the official change log for a new Nokia firmware update trickling out to devices in India and Singapore.

The update, which brings the Nokia Lumia 800 firmware up to 1600.2487.8107.12070 and the Lumia 710 to 1600.3015.8107.12070 brings the following new features and fixes:

Nokia Lumia 800

  • Enhanced battery standby and talk time performance
  • Battery capacity icon instead of question mark on top right of screen
  • Improved bass in audio performance
  • Soft-key illumination at all brightness levels
  • Fixes for device performance issues including self-reboots, freezes and call-ending

More info here.

Nokia Lumia 710

  • Smoother device performance (when ending a call) as well as
  • other minor performance and usability improvements

More info here.

Nokia notes this is not a mandatory software update, and not every country or network carrier will make it available to their customers. However, all features and enhancements will be included in subsequent software updates.

Update: Nokia just reached out to us to give some more details on the update. The update will be rolling out to other countries outside India & Singapore in next 6 weeks. And since Nokia had to prioritize the updates, camera module update will be included in the future updates coming to Lumia 800.


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