Office Mobile 2010 refresh coming


3, 2009



Office Mobile 2010 will the one of the topics of discussion at TechEd Europe in Berlin

Product Manager Dev Balasubramanian will be discussing the software in this session:

OFS01-IS Microsoft Office Mobile 2010 In-Depth
Presenter: Dev Balasubramanian
Thu 11/12 | 13:30-14:45 | Interactive Theatre 1 – Red

In this session we cover all of the mobility technologies and scenarios enabled as part of the Office 2010 “wave”. You’ve heard us talk about how Office 2010 spans the PC, Phone and Web — come learn what the Phone pillar is all about! Collaboration scenarios, mobile workflows, and mobile access to data, people, and corporate resources are all part of what makes Office on the phone a new experience in 2010. A refresh to the Office Mobile client apps, an all-new SharePoint Workspace Mobile app, redesigned mobile access to SharePoint site content, as well as the infrastructure needed to support it, are covered as part of this session.

Mary Jo Foley notes that according to an October blog post by SharePoint Corporate Vice President Jeff Teper:

“We both improved the experience for mobile web browsers and are introducing a new SharePoint Workspace Mobile client so you can take Office content from SharePoint offline on a Windows Mobile device. These clients let you navigate lists and libraries, search content and people and even view and edit Office content within the Office Web App experience running on a mobile browser.”

It is not clear whether the update will be coming to Windows Mobile 6.5, or whether it will be reserved for Windows Mobile 7.

Read more at ZDNet here.

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