Office Insiders on Slow Ring get new features for Office 2016 on Windows




Microsoft has just pushed out a new update for Office 2016 on Windows to those part of the Office Insiders program. The company has released these features for Office Insiders on the Slow Ring, in case you are wondering. The update doesn’t introduce any major new features but it does include some neat new features. For example, there’s a new Ink Replay button on PowerPoint which will let you rewind and replay all of the ink strokes when you are drawing.  The update introduces a range of other new features, which are listed below:

  • Ink replay: To understand what’s behind the ink you see on a PowerPoint slide, click Draw > Ink Replay to rewind and replay the ink strokes. You can use this feature to follow a sequence of handwritten notes and drawings, review step-by-step instructions, or see the order in which somebody else marked up the slide. (Feature requires an Office 365 subscription)
  • Better recordings: In PowerPoint, you can add a Recording tab to the ribbon, create a presentation made up of recorded slides, screen recordings, and inserted video, and then share that recorded content to be viewed remotely on You can also embed quizzes to assist with remote learning and make your presentation more interactive, as well as change the ink color right from the palette in the recording pane. To learn more, see Record your slide show in PowerPoint. (Feature requires an Office 365 subscription)
  • Accessibility built right in: In Outlook, we’ve improved keyboard and assistive technology experiences for reading email, scheduling meetings, and adding a signature.
  • New data transformations and connectivity enhancements: In Excel, add parameters to your queries, or create new queries from Merge or Append operations. You can also use the Web connector to preview web pages. (Feature requires an Office 365 subscription)

If you are part of the Office Insider program and enrolled into the Slow ring, you will be able to get the latest update by heading over to File > Account > Update Option where you will have to hit the Update Now button to install the latest updates.

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