Office Add-ins have a new entry point, but Microsoft should add the ability to hide it, according to users

August 28, 2023
Office Add-ins

Office Add-ins are getting a new entry point, and if you use them a lot in your daily work, then this new feature should let you manage your add-ins more easily, according to Microsoft.

Were excited to announce that a more easytoaccess entry point for Office Add-ins is now available onlineBy accessing the new entry point in Word, Excel, and PowerPointyoull have an upgraded experience without worrying about managing all your add-ins or choosing the fit right add-in among the thousands available in AppSource and the Office marketplace

You can find the new Office Add-ins entry point in two places now:

  1. On the Home tab.
  2. On the File tab.Office Add-ins

Plus, it seems that Microsoft will now come with add-in recommendations for you, and they will tailored for you, according to your own experience with the Microsoft Office apps.

The new feature should be available to you now, but if you don’t see it, don’t stress about it too much. Microsoft says it’s releasing it gradually, so you just have to wait.

Not all users are happy about the Office Add-ins’ new entry point

However, not all users are happy about it. Some say the entry point occupies space for nothing, especially for those users who don’t use add-ins in their Office apps. So according to them, Microsoft should add the ability to hide the entry point altogether.

Please add the ability to hide this button/group in File > Options > Customize Ribbon. For users who aren’t interested in add-ins, it needlessly takes up space on the ribbon.

If Microsoft added a new entry point, the Redmond-based tech giant could easily add a feature to hide, because, at the end of the day, the community is right: if you don’t use add-ins, why bother? When you want to use them, you’ll just enable the entry point.

What do you think about it?

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