O2 Germany claims to have a 32 GB Nokia Lumia 900: Update – confirmed

by Surur
May 25, 2012


O2 Germany is offering the Nokia Lumia 900 in white for pre-order.


This is not your run of the mill Nokia Lumia 900 however. Besides being in glossy white., the smartphone is also uniquely offering 32 GB of storage. The handset is limited to 16 GB elsewhere.

O2 Germany is also offering a 32 GB HTC One X, whereas USA is being offered the 16 GB version, making it possible the company has indeed decided to offer increased storage.

We are reaching out to Nokia to find out more, but in the mean time salivate over the spec bump at O2 Germany here.

Update: We called O2 Germany customer service, and they confirmed the specs.  Time to pop the champagne cork 😉

Update2: A picture from the O2.de catalogue also confirms the 32 GB specs.

Thanks Chris for the tip.

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