Nvidia Tegra processor find first home in Asus laptop


8, 2009

Author Surur // in News

We have been hearing about Nvidia’s much touted Tegra processor for some time, with first devices expected in the middle of 2009.


It is therefore quite a surprise to see it turn up, not in a handheld, but as part of a side-show-like subs-system for Asus’s prototype netbook. The device has an independent 4.7 inch screen, which features the same UI Nvidia has been showing of for some time, presumably running on a version of Windows Mobile.The device can run independently from the main laptop, much like the Windows Mobile OS on the HTC Shift, but, unlike the shift, remains confined to its small screen. This however does result in more than 12 hours of active battery life when running from the laptop’s main battery.

While it is nice to see the Tegra processor out in the wild, I know many of us cant wait for the chip to run up in an actual handheld device (that does not need a laptop bag) which we can buy.

Via Engadget.com

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