NRG Energy ROM… Still Has Working Sense Tab

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While NRG’s ROMs are not my favorite, they do have one great aspect… They are constantly updated. Now while that leads to the dreaded Flash-a-holic syndrome, it also means that you will get updates as they arrive and that means the fix for twitter tab. The tab has been down for just about every Sense user but it seems the latest Energy ROM’s has the right stuff to keep you going.


I know this because:

1) The tweet above was just two hours ago, and two days ago… My tab stopped working.

2) The update log has the latest sense version

September 4th, 2010

  • 24631 Build … Fast !
  • Improved virtual memory management, default pagepool changed for some devices
  • Widget in Internet explorer pointing to current hotfixes for easy access right on the phone
  • Theme fixes
  • Some new icons and some updated
  • People tab in Sense 50% opaque
  • Add to Contacts problem fixed
  • Language resources updated (thanks to Pyrorob)


August 28th, 2010

  • 23127 Build from Oboe 1.0.4 Official Shipped ROM
  • Blackstone GER ROMs finished
  • Setings Exporter is now compatible with all languages
  • Fixed World Card Mobile for Blackstone
  • Added Format SD Card utility for Rhodium and Leo in Settings\System
  • Pyrobob’s mods to my taskbar added
  • Pyrobob’s mods to the messaging client added
  • Following packages updated from Oboe 1.0.4 Official Shipped ROM
    • Updated RSSHub to
    • Updated HTCFramework_1_7_20171620_00
    • Updated CMInternetSharing_1_2_E_0 (Wifi Internet Router software)
    • Updated TimeZoneAutoFix_1_0_20161329_01
    • Updated Text_Selection_1_0_20162130_00 ( Looks like we can cut copy and paste in the email app to now…)
    • Updated ClearStorage_2_3_3_0
    • Updated Quick_GPS_2_0_20182329_00
    • Updated MP3_Trimmer_1_2_20182814_0
    • Updated Email_Setup_Wizard_2_3_20182029_20
    • Updated Calculator_1_1_20182814_0
    • Updated Wi-FiWizard_1_46_2_0
    • Updated Menu_Enhancement_1_1_20182925_00 (menus now pop up and out normally in COM3 builds… no more flashing on screen)
    • Updated CommManager_2_10_5_0
    • Updated Long_Press_End_Key_1_5_20182725_00
    • Updated Message_Enhancement_1_2_20181629_00
    • Settings_Improvement_1_0_20182927_0
    • New_Contact_Card_1_1_20182914_0
    • HTCMessage_1_11_281_0
    • HTCBookmark_1_0_20182927_0
    • HTCBirthday_1_2_0_0
    • GroupEditor_1_0_20181314_00
    • Contact_Utility_Engine_1_2_20183320_00
    • Contact_Picker_1_0_20181326_00
    • BrowserSnapshot_1_0_20182927_0
    • AppointmentEditor_1_0_20182927_0
    • Full_Screen_Player_1_8_20182925_00 (Leo Only)
    • Streaming_SDK_2_7_20141626_00 (Leo Only)
    • Streaming_Media_3_1_20181419_00 (Leo Only)
    • Dshow_2_0_20161331_00 (Leo Only)
    • FM_Radio_2_5_20183223_00 (Leo Only)
    • HTCLockScreen_2_0_20182027_00

August 25th, 2010

  • Sense 2018.3025 build from Oboe 1.0.4 ROM
  • Fixed date setting issues on hometab
  • Fixed random Sense restarts
  • Minor changes to GER and FRA ROMs

August 24th, 2010

  • Finished and posted French ROMs
  • Disabled automatic memory management (closing of open apps) for the Rhodium(s) and Imagio
  • HTC GPS Tool updated
  • Digital Compass updated (for the HD2)
  • Fixed Twitter tab issues
  • Fixed HTC messaging client issues (for people that install it via .cab)
  • Fixed double and bold fonts for tab titles in Standard ROMs

The HTC HD2 users can read more on his ROM over in the XDA thread.

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