Now even Windows 95 is a web app


23, 2018

Apparently, the Electron software framework is the scourge of Microsoft, preferred by internal developers over their own internal tools, such that even Microsoft Teams is based on the framework.

It is there quite appropriate that Microsoft’s break out consumer operating system, Windows 95, should have been made cross-platform using that tool.

Felix Rieseberg, a software engineer at Slack (another great Electron app) has released Windows 95 as a massive 129 MB Electron app which can be run on either Windows, Mac or Linux.

While not perfect, multiple applications such as Wordpad or Freecell work, while some such as the ancient browser, unfortunately, cannot load pages (probably needs winsock 😉 )

If opening the original Start Menu strikes your nostalgia bone, find the package at Github here.

Via the Verge

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