Notoriously awful Saints Row 2 PC port is getting fixed after 10 years


15, 2019

The Xbox 360/PS3 generation led to some truly shocking PC ports of popular console games, but one notoriously awful port is finally getting fixed. Yep, that’s right, after ten years of release Volition is finally fixing Saints Row 2 PC. 

Anyone attempting to run the original PC release knows the smorgasbord of issues that the title exhibits. For starters, the game often runs at 3-times speed when the game decides to run properly at all. There’s also rampant bugs, audio issues, lack of support for modern resolutions. It’s a mess. It also ran on GameSpy… R.I.P.

For years, anyone who even attempted to play the title on PC would have to download the Gentlemen of the Row mod. Alongside adding weapons, taunts and customisation options, it was also an essential bug fixing patch.

Thankfully, Volition will finally be fixing the title officially. Announced via an official livestream, the developer revealed that the game’s PC source code has finally been discovered.

The developer announced that a small two-person team is currently working on bringing the game to modern systems. The team will be rebuilding the title to work on modern hardware and run properly through Steam. This new version will also include the console-exclusive DLC.

While the small team works on the Saints Row 2 PC port, the developer is also working on an all-new game in the series. After a disappointing Gat out of Hell and Agents of Mayhem, a return to form might be good for the company.

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