Notepad arrives in the Microsoft Store, recieves first update

August 19, 2019

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Microsoft announced last Friday that it would be bringing the Notepad app to the Store, allowing for faster and more responsive updates to the much-loved app.

The firm had been working on it over the lifetime of Windows 10, including support for search and auto-save. However, its status as a Windows built in app needed that Microsoft would send a whole OS update for any minor change.

Just a few days after it made its announcement, the firm has already brought the app to the Store where it can be downloaded by anyone who wants it. True to its motives, Microsoft has already delivered an update which resolved a crashing issue some users reported. We can expect more updates to add new features and fix old bugs coming down the line.

Microsoft may also add Classic Paint to the Store, as well as other legacy Windows apps for the same reason.

Windows Notepad
Windows Notepad
Price: Free

Via: Reddit (Thanks for the tip Leo Varela!)

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