Not just Windows 11 – Direct Storage will also come to Windows 10

by Surur
July 19, 2021
Microsoft Windows 11 hero

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As we reported in June, Windows 11 will introduce Direct Storage to help make games even better than ever before on Windows. This technology, which requires speedy NVMe SSDs, powers the Xbox Series X|S consoles and allows for their minuscule load times by changing how data is ready from drives, with PC’s hopefully set to see similar results when used optimally by developers. 

When Microsoft introduced Windows 11, they touted this as a unique feature of the OS, but it now appears Microsoft will also make the technology available for Windows 10 users.

Microsoft has made the developer preview of Direct Storage available, and it appears that it will also be compatible with Windows 10 1909 and above.

Microsoft notes that while it will be available for Windows 10, Windows 11 will still offer a better experience, and its storage stack will take full advantage of Direct Storage, while Windows 10 will merely be optimised to better utilize the new technology.

Direct Storage reads data from the SSD in multiple streams and can use your GPU to decompress the data.  Games will, unfortunately, need to explicitly support the technology for best performance.

Developers can try out the Developer Preview at Microsoft here.

via XDA-Dev

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