Not all Windows Phones will have access to the first Windows 10 for phones Insider Preview


5, 2015

Author Surur // in News

You could be a glass half  full or half empty kind of guy, and I suspect our readers know me as the latter.

Today I unfortunately have some bad news to share.  It seems not all windows phones will be included in the first consumer release of the Windows 10 for phones Developer Preview.

This news is via Gabriel Aul, the manager of the Windows Insider program, who tweeted:

This suggests only a limited number of devices will be included initially.  As a Lumia 930 owner I would certainly hope my device is amongst the first, but we have also seen that sometimes the high end handsets are the last to be supported.

For the half full kind of people, the good news is that at least one 512 MB device is included in the supported device list, again via Gabriel.

So, dear readers you’ve got to ask yourself one question: “Do I feel lucky?”

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