Nokia Windows Phone 8 handsets showing up on T-Mobile, Verizon



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Moving away from the hubbub about Windows Phone 8 upgrades, we now also have increasing evidence of actual new Windows Phone 8 hardware being tested in the wild.

The latest is via DSLReport’s mobile speed test, which shows the user agent of two Windows Phone 8 handsets, one named Qualcomm Fluid and the other Nokia Fluid. Both of course have been spotted before, but now the full user agent confirms that these are Windows Phone 8 handsets running IE10.

The Verizon handset also seems pretty snappy, likely indicating LTE on board. The same can unfortunately not be said for the T-Mobile speed test.image

Of note is that we are seeing windows phone 8 handsets on the same networks in our own server logs, with screen resolutions of 768×768 and 480×480. Also of note is most of our Windows Phone 8 traffic not coming from Microsoft is coming from AT&T. So far nothing from Sprint however.

The relevant pages can be seen in Google’s cache here and here (13th April), but may of course disappear soon.

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