Nokia Windows Phone 7 rumours ring louder again

Rumours of a Nokia phone running a Microsoft OS has been circulating for years (we should know, having written about them on many occasions) but at no time have the two companies been closer than a few weeks ago, when Stephen Elop moved from Microsoft to Nokia.

Now Venturebeat reports that according to a trusted source, Nokia is now likely to use Windows Phone 7 as an additional platform for its phones.

Nokia’s board had apparently given the ex-Microsoft man the green light to change the company’s strategy, includes decisions on OS strategy or alliances.

With Nokia recently likening Android to wetting your pants, Windows phone 7 may seem like an obvious alternative for capturing the US market, but of course the issue of differentiating their handsets remain, and is even more acute using Windows Phone 7, due to the restrictions Microsoft place on customising the user interface.

Of course Microsoft has always been pretty convincing in acquiring new partners, if not so much in keeping them, with both Palm and Sony Ericsson two iconic wins in recent years.

We however,still rate the odds as low.  What do our readers think? Let us know below.

Read more at Venturebeat here.