Nokia UK: Nokia’s WP7 handset “absolutely stunning”, not 8/10

While Microsoft’s Joe Marini called the new Nokia WP7 handset an 8/10, Nokia’s UK boss Conor Pierce, did not hold back any superlatives.

"Absolutely stunning," he told Pocket-lint is what retail partners in UK called the handset. “To the partners we have shown the device to, their words, not necessarily mine – although I agree – upon showing it to them. It’s spontaneous and unprompted. They say ‘the first Nokia Windows Phone is absolutely stunning’ and that’s die hard gurus in this business, who have thick skin."

“For them to say that spontaneously without any sales pitch shows what we are bringing is pretty spectacular. And that’s only the beginning.”

His assessment is somewhat at odds with what now ex-Microsoft PM Joe Marini said, who called the device an 8/10 with “Solid feel, good camera, responsive UI, and nice little touches on the body construction,” but who would have preferred a larger screen.

There have been recent rumours that the handset has been delayed, but Pierce would hear none of that.

“I’ve actually got one in my pocket, but I cant show you,” he teases Pocket-lint.

“The power of the first impression – so when they actually see the device and are willing to show people and be proud of what they have – plays a big part in the decision. And that’s what we believe we have in our first device and future devices too.” He noted that he has seen the product road map and that many good things were coming in the future.

He noted he expected the handset to do very well, due to the emotional connection buyers had with Nokia. He however did not deny they had a lot of work to do at retail level to make sure their handsets got the attention they deserved.

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