Nokia Spain: Windows Phone 7.8 upgrade planned for this month, but it depends on operators



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Nokia Spain has let the cat out of the bag, and has revealed when the long-awaited Windows Phone 7.8 is coming to current handsets.

New handsets being sold by Nokia are already shipping with the OS, and now Nokia Spain has said on their Facebook page that the OS upgrade is planned for January.  Somewhat discouragingly however they continued that this would depend on operators, which suggests a slower roll-out that we would hope for.

The translation is as below:

Nokia Spain: How is the home screen of your Lumia?
Diego Hernán: None of these 3. Still waiting for the update of Windows Phone 7.8 that has these home screens, are taking too long!
Curro Valverde: I have a 7.8 for the past couple of weeks … it is great!
Nokia Spain: Diego Hernan, upgrading to 7.8 is planned for January but it depends on the operators.

The upgrade will bring the new Windows Phone 8 start screen and several useful apps such as a ringtone maker and Bluetooth file transfer app to Nokia handsets, so I am sure there are plenty of Windows Phone users who can not wait to get their hands on it.

Thanks Albert for the tip.

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