Nokia patents flexible hinge for tablets

by Surur
July 16, 2012


nokia_fabric_hinge_4 nokia_fabric_hinge_3


Nokia Kinetic Labs Concept

Nokia has applied for a patent for a flexible, low-profile hinge with integrated connector suitable for use in foldable tablets and smartphones.

Nokia has expressed interest in bendable smartphones before, including creating a prototype, the Nokia Kinect (right), with a bendable screen which responded to both touch and twists.

In Nokia’s new patent they propose using multi-layered strips consisting of elastomers and composite fabrics, with the first layer possibly a thermoplastic or thermoset material which would act as a sturdy spring, or natural or synthetic rubber, while the second layer could be Kevlar or Cordura fabric.

An electronic coupler could be integrated so as to connect the hardware in both portions.

Patent applications of course is very little guarantee of an actual product, but with Nokia promising “different form factors” I think few companies would be as motivated as them to disrupt the status quo.

The patent application can be seen here.


Thanks Charles for the tip.

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