Nokia: Lumia Windows Phones Sales Are Off To An Excellent Start


23, 2011

Author Pradeep // in News

After few analysts reported yesterday that Nokia Lumia device sales were not up to the expectations, websites like Forbes posted the information. That led to more than 5% falling of Nokia shares in the market. To clear the air, Nokia today said that early Windows Phone sales are off to an excellent start.

“Lumia 800 sales in the U.K. are off to an excellent start,”

“Based on earliest data, the sales start of the Lumia 800 is the best ever first week of Nokia smart phone sales in the U.K. in recent history,” . “By our measures, we have gained significant smartphone sell-out share in the channels in which we are operating in the U.K.,” Nokia spokesman James Etheridge said.

“While it is not our policy to disclose individual product sales figures outside our quarterly financial results, we feel there has been premature sales analysis on the performance of the Lumia 800,” Etheridge said.

“Given our deliberate, sequenced roll out across countries and with future launches ahead, this is a critical metric for long-term success,” Etheridge said.

Source: Marketwatch Image Credit: Intomobile

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