Nokia Lumia traffic overtakes iPhone and Android at major media network in Finland





Despite Windows Phone not having the majority of the web market share in Finland yet (around 20% vs 33% for iOS and 36% for Android, according to Statcounter, for Finland’s biggest media group Sanoma Oyj, Windows Phone and Nokia Lumia are already their biggest users, according to

They report that Lumias passed Android already in the summer and just passed iPhone traffic at the end of the year.

This is especially significant due to mobile traffic now being 35% of their web traffic, versus 10% in 2011.

Part of the reason for the surge in Windows Phone use may be that the Sanoma services app comes pre-installed in Lumias sold in Finland, but of course this is mostly due to great sales of Nokia’s Lumia range in the region.

With Windows Phone staring to gain critical mass in Europe we can expect media services to slowly increase their support for the platform, and who knows, maybe BBC will finally give in and produce an iPlayer app…

Via MyNokiaBlog

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