Nokia Lumia 920 wireless car charger mod (video)



DIY Nokia Wireless Car Charger Mod for Lumia 920

While the Nokia Lumia 920 charging plate and stand is cool, what many people really want is a wireless car charger, and in the absence of an official accessory many are tempted to roll their own.

In the above video we have a standard Nokia charging plate glued to a Arkon Garmin vent mount and connected to a cigarette lighter fuse socket.

The phone is held to the charger using neodymium magnets taped to a case and the charging plate.

The solution is relatively neat, but not for the first time I wished the Nokia Lumia 920 had the same type of magnet system as the Palm TouchStone.


I myself have converted the box my wireless charging plate came in into a small bed for my phone which stops it from getting pushed off the couch onto the floor all the time, with some double-sided tape keeping the box in place.

Ultimately Nokia could generate a good revenue stream by selling us more wireless charging accessories, but until then I think a lot of home-baked solutions will be created.

Have any of our other readers created wireless charging mods? Let us know below and be sure to add some pictures.


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