Nokia Lumia 920 video quality compared to iPhone 4S

by Surur
January 13, 2013

Is Copilot the best AI companion out there? Help us find out by answering a couple of quick questions! have posted this video comparing the video quality of the Nokia Lumia 920 vs the iPhone 4S, which has the same camera as the iPhone 5.

The captions on the video says:

Lumia 920: Beautiful colours, a fairly well detailed and wide angle very appreciable.
iPhone 4s: Pretty details, colours very bland and zoom video quite embarrassing.
Lumia 920: In yet very beautiful colours, a very detailed picture in the centre and very blurred behind.
iPhone: The iPhone on the ACTUAL colours are less attractive but the foreground is less detailed and the back plane anymore.
iPhone 4S – Dry but still colour is largely the same. The picture is more detailed but less homogeneous in the centre.
Lumia 920: Problem re-focus.
iPhone 4S: Same problem as the Lumia 920.
The iPhone has completely off exposure. The angle is really reduced.
Lumia 920: The picture says it all even, beautiful colours, a very wide angle.

So in short the Nokia Lumia 920 had better colours, had better focussing in the centre of the image and a much wider and more satisfying viewing angle.

Have our readers been satisfied with the video performance of your Nokia Lumia 920? Let us know below.

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