Nokia Lumia 920 set on fire by charger, still works


6, 2014

Author Surur // in News


Brazilian smartphone site TudoCelular reports that a Nokia Lumia 920 owned by reader Fabricio appears to have suffered burns at its charging port after being left on the charger overnight.

He reports however that the device continues to work and even charge , but that he is now very concerned about the device actually setting on fire or even exploding during use or while he sleeps.

Unfortunately his warranty has expired 2 months ago, and Nokia has declined to repair his handset for free.

Fabricio  says that despite enjoying the device for a number of years and even developing for Windows Phone his next device will therefore be an Android handset, noting that Nokia offered to give a victim of Samsung phone that spontaneously burst into flames a Windows Phone. Then Nokia said they wanted to show how ‘CUSTOMER SERVICE SHOULD REALLY WORK’

We suggest to Fabricio  that while other handsets explode into flames and try and kill their owners, sometimes successfully, his Nokia not only did not try and kill him, but kept on working, and suggest for his own safety his next device should be another Nokia handset.

Do our readers agree? Let us know below.


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