Nokia Lumia 920 doing very well in Germany

Friday evening my five days old Nokia Lumia 920 suddenly died; it did not respond to anything. So Saturday I went to Saturn, the shop where I bought it, and returned it. I wanted a new device, but the cashier told me it was sold out. I took the money and went to MediaMarkt, but it was sold out there as well.

Disappointed I took the train to the next Saturn some kilometers away, but they told me the same thing: Sorry, it is sold out!

Finally I called the third Saturn to be sure they have devices left before I got there. The very friendly woman there told me they have ONE device left and she will reserve it for me.

Some hours later, after I luckily got a new 920, I looked on to see if they have any 920s left: No, they didn’t. Then I looked on if there is any device left, but again no.

The more surprising thing is they were not sold out because of small unit numbers. The first Saturn told me they received many handsets, but the 920 did so well that it was sold out in the first five days already.

You may ask yourself why I wrote this article because the 920 is doing well almost everywhere and not only in Germany. Well, I thought this story is worth an article because many Germans hate Nokia! Some years ago there was this Bochum-Thing: Nokia closed its factory in Germany to move to Romania. Since then Nokia lost many costumers in Germany.

Today I called some shops again to see if they still had no devices or if they received a new delivery! Every single shop told me they are still waiting for a new shipment…

Nokia has acknowledged the issue on their Facebook page. I think Nokia Germany did not expect such great sales  and just can’t fulfill this big demand. Of course that is not good as a waiting more than a week may scare many customers and make then buy a different smartphone, but on the other hand that just shows how great Nokia is doing with the 920.

Were you lucky enough to get Lumia 920?

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