Nokia Lumia 800 outselling all Android phones on Vodafone UK, KPN Netherlands online stores


23, 2011

Author Surur // in News


We posted earlier about the Nokia Lumia 800 having the best sales on Phonehouse.Fr, the CarphoneWarehouse’s European arm in France.

kpnsalesNow, thanks to JamesSB, we now also know that the handset is doing great at Vodafone UK’s online store, second only to the black iPhone 4S.

In fact even the pre-orders for the Cyan version of the handset is selling better than the Blackberry Bold 9900 (very popular in UK), White iPhone 4S, HTC Sensation and Samsung Galaxy S II.

On KPN in the Netherlands there is a similar picture, with the Lumia 800 only behind the iPhone 4S in sales .

With the iPhone 4S   still in its honeymoon period,and the Nokia Lumia 800 clearly competing with it, it is pretty clear the Lumia 800 had a pretty good launch.

Makes one wonder even more where Pacific Crest got their numbers…

Thanks JamesSB for the tip.

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