Nokia Lumia 800 makes it back into June UK top 10



Author Surur // in News

The top 10 for June

1. Samsung Galaxy S III (No change)

2. Apple iPhone 4S 16GB (No change)

3. Samsung Galaxy S II (No movement)

4. HTC One X (No movement)

5. Samsung Galaxy Ace (No movement)

6. Samsung Galaxy Note (No movement)

7. HTC One S (Up one place)

8. Nokia Lumia 800 (Re-entry)

9. Apple iPhone 4 16GB (Down two places)

10. Apple iPhone 3GS 8GB (Re-entry)

uSwitch has released their June monthly Mobile Tracker chart, which lists handsets according to sales figures and web searches.

The chart reveals a massive dominance of Samsung in the UK market, pushing Apple’s cheapest iPhones, the iPhone 4 and 3GS to the bottom of the Top 10 chart.

The chart however also features a handset familiar to our readers. On the strength of steep price cuts, the Nokia Lumia 800 has re-entered the top 10 for the first time since February 2012.

The handset is now available from as little as £15 per month on contract. HTC’s One X and One S are also in the top 10, thanks to deals starting from as low as £7.50 per month.

While Nokia has not been able to maintain a premium price for the handset, Nokia has never been known for selling their handsets at high prices, and every Lumia sold adds to expanding the Windows Phone ecosystem, which is valuable in itself, even if it does not contribute massively to Nokia’s bottom line.


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