Nokia Lumia 800 battery update coming the 18th January


24, 2011

Author Surur // in News

Some Nokia Lumia 800’s have a battery issue where the firmware under-reports the actual capacity of the battery, leading to poor battery life.

Nokia has already promised an update that corrects this, and has managed to wheedle an exact date from Italian carrier support staff.

Apparently 3 Italy has received a memo which reads:

Subject: WARNING: Problem Nokia Battery Lumia 800 for the only colors Cyan and Magenta.

Nokia has revealed a limited duration of the battery to the software problem Lumia 800
only for the Cyan and Magenta.
As of January 18 there will be a sw update that will also apply directly to the end customer.

Meanwhile, if the customer insists on the immediate solution of the problem
proceed as follows: Open a SAT warranty notes indicating "Battery Problem"
The terminal will be replaced with a new terminal

So an update is coming in around 3-4 weeks, and replacements will be given for those who cant wait that long.

You can check your battery capacity by typing # # 634 # and selecting "Battery Status”. If it reads 979 mAh or similar then you will be needing the update.

Are many of our readers affected by this issue? Let us know below.


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