Nokia Lumia 710 now available on Vodafone Pay as You Go for only £150!


We were posting recently about a mystery Nokia Windows Phone which may sell for as low as £100 unlocked.

Its seems however you will not to give up much to get a great deal right now, with Vodafone selling the Nokia Lumia 710 on Pay as You Go (if you ask nicely) for as low as £150.  The handset is unlocked and can be used on any network.

Punters who bought the phone seem pretty happy, with an ex-android user writing:

Update to earlier post, bought phone as pressie to wife, but after a couple of hours of playing with it myself, I absolutely love W7.5, it just looks and feels so smooth and crisp compared to Android 2.3.4 on my xperia play. Its a bit like comparing Windows 7 and an older version of Ubuntu – the windows version just looks and feels so much more polished. I was android through and through until today, but now I need that ICS update!

Only drawbacks of the phone is, currently, no where near as much choice (or as much crap) in the marketplace as on Android or iOS.

If this phone does become standard at £150 or less on PAYG, Nokia might just become a force again, and WP might gain a decent foothold, there is nothing out there sub £200 – even my £150 xperia play, that can hold a candle to this phone. Consider me impressed.

The phone seems in pretty low stock at Vodafone stores, but the deal is also available by phone order.

Any of our readers tempted? Let us know below.

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Thanks Dave for the tip.