Nokia Lumia 710 – Camera Review

How does the Lumia 710’s camera and video capabilities compare with the HTC Radar? Read and watch our review to find out!

Lumia 710HTC Radar


Lumia 710HTC Radar

The Lumia 710 easily defeats the HTC Radar. The Lumia manages to capture far more accurate colors in pictures, as can be seen in the video and in the pictures above. The HTC Radar consistently has a blue tint to everything. Detail-wise, both phones are equal.

Indoors, the Lumia also wins. When taking dark pictures, the Lumia will shine its LED flash to focus the picture first, and then it will actually take the picture. The Radar skips this step and therefore the Radar’s pictures are often out of focus. The colors of the Lumia’s pictures are also once again far more accurate compared to the overly-bright Radar. My only complaint is that the Lumia always has darker edges on the pictures with a flash, but otherwise the pictures are clearly better.


The Lumia 710 once again easily wins against the HTC Radar. The biggest issue with HTC phones is that you cannot record decent videos indoors, since their frame rate is terrible in low-lighting conditions. The Lumia is butter-smooth even when it’s extremely dark.

The detail on videos from the Lumia is also significantly better. You can zoom in using the camera app and things still look crisp!

HTC better take note, because Nokia is kicking their you-know-what in terms of camera quality.

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