Nokia Lumia 620 only £199 on PAYG on Three UK

by Surur
January 25, 2013


Three UK’s Pay as You Go prices for the Nokia Lumia 620 has been revealed.

Coolsmartphone has grabbed a picture of the most recent Argos circular, showing that the Windows Phone 8 dual-core smartphone will run at £199 on PAYG with a £10 top-up on Three UK.

That makes it £50 more than the Nokia Lumia 610 handset it replaces, which is sure to affect sales, but still relatively affordable for the specs, and of course the price will likely drift down in time.

Argos has the handset  listed as coming soon on their official website but it should become available shortly, with the circular noting a 4th February release date.

See Three giving an overview of the handset after the break.

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