Nokia Lumia 610 to retail for affordable Rs 11,000 in India

The Mobile Indian reports that the Nokia Lumia 610, Nokia’s low-end play running Windows Phone Tango, will be hitting the Indian market in the next few months at a very reasonable price.

Nokia India’s marketing director, Viral Oza told them at Mobile World Congress, "We will be launching Lumia 610 soon in the Indian market and at an affordable price."

The handset is expected to retail at around Rs 11,000 (around $220) which about 1/3 cheaper than the next cheapest Windows Phones, the Samsung Omnia W or the Nokia Lumia 710, which retails for Rs 15,500.

The phone is relatively well specced for the price, featuring a 3.7 inch capacitive screen, 5 megapixel camera and 8 GB storage, making it competitive with Android handsets which retail for close to double the price.

Of course the price of admission also include Nokia apps like Nokia Music, Nokia Maps, Nokia Drive, adding extra value.

Succeeding in India is essential for Nokia.  The sub-continent has been one of their strongest markets, but they are rapidly losing market share from competitors like Samsung on the high end and cheap no-name smartphones on the low-end.  Hopefully these cheap but relatively capable and well designed Windows Phones will help turn the tide.