Nokia Lumia 520 is selling better than any other Windows Phone, PC or Windows Tablet


28, 2013

Author Surur // in News

Paul Thurrott revealed some interesting news from the recent Microsoft Company meeting.  He revealed the low-end Windows Phone was the best selling single Windows device, besting any other single model of Windows Phone, Windows tablet or Windows PC.

The latter is of course the most interesting, given that more than 300 million Windows PCs are sold each year, but that market is on the decline, and more than 2.8 billion tablets and phones are are expected to be sold each year.

This explains why Microsoft sees devices as the future of the company, despite resistance from their Windows installed base.

The main lesson is of course one that Google has accepted for a very long time – if you give your product away for free or very cheap, it is likely you will win significant market share, and while we know Microsoft is not quite able to accept this with their Surface tablets, it seems at least when it comes to smartphones they appreciate the utility of this strategy.


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