Nokia Lumia 1520 on pre-order for free from £38 per month via Carphone Warehouse


Carphone Warehouse is now listing the Nokia Lumia 1520 for pre-order on their website.

The 6 inch Windows Phone 8 handset is available only on O2’s network, with the cheapest contract starting at £38 per month for unlimited everything except data, with 2 GB bundled.

Prices go up from there, with  4Gb data costing £47 and 12 GB data with a £19 down payment costing £48.

The price is still considerably cheaper than the iPhone 5S, which starts at £47 and matches the Galaxy Note 3, which costs £37 per month on contract.

The phone comes with a free experience day worth £100, but I suspect most would just prefer a £100 discount.

Find the handset at the Carphone Warehouse here.

Thanks Raymond for the tip.