Nokia will be launching its 43-inch smart TV in India soon

by Anmol
March 24, 2020

Back in November of 2019, we reported about Nokia’s intention of launching a new smart TV. The company followed it up with 55-inch smart TV and it looks like Nokia as another smart TV in works.

Nokia has published a new webpage teasing its new 43-inch smart TV. The company is expected to launch the TV in India later this month or in early April. As per sources close to the development, Nokia’s upcoming smart TV will feature a 43-inch panel and powering the smart LED TV will be Android 9.0. This also means that the smart TV will have support for the Google Play Store. Intelligent Dimming Technology, which is similar to call local dimming or micro dimming technology, is an interesting feature that you will find in the upcoming smart TV and this will produce better contrast and deep Black Levels.

The smart TV is rumoured to be exclusive to India and will be available via Flipkart for around Rs 30999 ($405).

Source NPU

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