NetGuard Cybersecurity Dome Demo was released; Nokia x Microsoft partnership is using AI to provide a quick threat detection

August 8, 2023
NetGuard Cybersecurity Dome

NetGuard Cybersecurity Dome Demo is out and it’s part of the Nokia x Microsoft award-winning partnership which offers 5G cybersecurity to mobile devices.

NetGuard Cybersecurity Dome is an award-winning 5G security orchestration solution with pre-built 5G use cases for network security assurance. Beginning with an integrated eXtended detection and response (XDR) suite of security products that unifies control points, offers security telemetry, and provides analytics and operations into one system.

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The NetGuard Cybersecurity Dome offers a variety of solutions when it comes to threat detection and response, including:

  • Network Security Twin
  • 5G Incident Catalogue
  • Dynamic Threat Scoring
  • User and Entity Behaviour Analytics
  • Telco CNF Endpoint Detection and Response

This unified system utilizes both on-premise and cloud components which makes it much faster, and more flexible when deploying security. The NetGuard Cybersecurity Dome offers solutions to quickly identify security anomalies and detect threats in real-time. As you may remember, Microsoft, especially, is constantly being hit with cyberattacks from everywhere and the Redmond-based tech giant has called for a “shared responsibility” when it comes to detecting vulnerabilities.

However, when it comes to 5G connections it seems that the NetGuard Cybersecurity Dome system combines a wide range of security scenarios (from desktop to mobile) to provide the best outcomes when it comes to cyberattacks.

Check it out and let us know your opinion below.

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