Nokia Glance Screen Inspires Motorola, Becomes Active Display In New Droids

Motorola Copies Nokia

Nokia just finished their work on porting the Glance screen feature from their old Symbian OS to their Lumia Windows Phone devices. They released a beta app last month. This beta app will allow you to have the clock on the standby screen. The Nokia Glance Screen also notifies you when your battery level is low, and you can switch on a night mode for reduced glare in the dark.

This feature already inspired Motorola and they announced it during their press event today. They have branded this feature as Active Display and it lights up just a portion of the display to save battery just like Nokia Glance screen. I wish Nokia releases the final version of Glance screen app soon before Motorola/Android fans start claiming Active Display is a new innovation!

Motorola Image Credit: Engadget